best dog walker bay woof beast of the bay winner 2018


Readers of the Bay Woof voted us 2018's best dog walkers in the East Bay.

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 ktvu news molly kenefick rattlensake awareness

Rattlesnake Awareness- TV Interview with Molly Kenefick

Click below to see Molly's interview on KTVU News' segment on Rattlesnake Awareness for dogs on the trails.


Readers of the Bay Woof voted us 2016's best dog walkers in the East Bay.

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Named One of the Top Five Best Dog Walkers on the Bay Area A-List in 2016

Pet owners voted Doggy Lama Pet Care one of the top five Bay Area dog walkers via the Bay Area A-List.

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 Oakland Best Dog Walker


Oakland Magazine readers voted us 2015's best dog walkers in Oakland and the East Bay.

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 Doggy Lama humane education with Hopalong

Humane Education with Hopalong

Molly and her friendly and mellow pug, Moishe, are available to make no-cost humane education presentations to East Bay kids through Hopalong Animal Rescue. Please contact to schedule a presentation. Recently Molly's been working with five- to ten-year-old children and typically covers fun dog facts, dog sports, what jobs dogs have, and how to safely pet a dog.

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"Stop Petting Strangers' Dogs"

A jounalist wrote the article, "Stop Petting Strangers' Dogs" in CITYLAB, the online version of The Atlantic, and quoted Molly about barrier frustration, resource guarding, and dog body language.

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Voted Best Bay Area Dog Walker 

2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 by ‘Bay Woof’ Magazine in their 'Beast of the Bay' awards.

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City Council ProclAmation

Molly was presented with an City Council Proclamation for her mentoring work with eighth grade Oakland public school children in small-business in 2012-2014.

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Oakland Youth-Friendly Business NOminee Award

The Oakland Youth-Friendly Business Network nominated Doggy Lama Pet Care for an Oakland Youth-Friendly Business Award. Doggy Lama has mentored middle-school and high-school students from Oakland schools.

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 Oakland Tribune Doggy Lama article

"Oakland Business Goes to the dogs"

The Oakland Tribune did a piece on Doggy Lama Pet Care after we won awards several years in a row. It talks about how Molly lived for five years on a boat in the Berkeley Marina and that some of our team have included a chaplain, trained police-dog "decoy," and a MAR technician (lost pet detective)!

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 Parents' Press Best of the East Bay winner Doggy Lama

Voted Best Dog Walker

Doggy Lama Pet Care voted 'Best Dog Walker' in Parents' Press Magazine's first annual 'Best of the East Bay 2011' awards!

 MacArthur Metro article with Doggy Lama and Molly Kenefick


An Oakland neighborhood newspaper, the MacArthur Metro, did a profile on Molly. Her childhood pet was a turtle because her dad has always been allergic to any animals that "have hair." Since childhood Molly has craved snuggling time with furry animals, so in grammar school she used to walk her neighbors' dogs for free!

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 SF Magazine winner top 5 Doggy Lama

"top 5 places to board your dog"

San Francisco magazine calls us a doggy B&B and voted us one of 2008's "Top Five Places to Board Your Dog." 

"More like a visit to a fun aunt or uncle than a formal hotel stay, Doggy Lama offers care for your dog in the home of one of four staffers. All are licensed, insured, and bonded, and never have more than four dogs at a time in their BerkeleyOakland, and Hayward homes. Adventures are planned for every day of the stay..."

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 East Bay Express winner Doggy Lama

Voted Best High-Tech Doggie Care

We were voted 2007's Best High-Tech Doggie Care by the East Bay Express because we use our Flickr account to post pictures daily (hourly, sometimes) of the pets we take care of—the Express says, “It’s like being there with your furry one.”

“Elmo loves to be wet and dirty. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter—this photo caption describes a deliriously happy dog, not a reference to your favorite Sesame Street character run amok. Because when it comes to dog walking, Doggy Lama Pet Care’s Molly Kenefick is a step, a click, and one whopping Verizon bill ahead of the competition..."

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